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The Olive Bureau supports companies and producers of the olive/olive oil sector in all operations critical to the success of their business, starting from the cultivation of olive trees up to the extraction and blending of oils to be launched on the market. Our consulting work may relate to one or more specific topics, or an entire project.

Here below you'll find an overwiev on our main activities:

Agronomic Consulting

  • Pre-plant consulting.
  • Agronomic management plans to maximize results in the production of olives.
  • Pruning and agronomic management courses.
  • Organization of pruning and harvesting sites to optimize costs.

Consulting on mills and extraction

  • Support projecting and design the olive mill facilities.
  • Support in purchasing the right olive mill, selecting the most suitable one at the best price in order to avoid costly mistakes.
  • Consultancy in the management of the olive mill to maximize the quality and quantity of oil.
  • Projects for storage and bottling areas and choice of materials and machineries needed for the main activities of oil handling and packaging.

Chemical and sensory analysis

  • Sensory analysis of oils.
  • Creation of blends and oil sensory profiles for recognizable brands on the market.
  • Company differentiation of products
  • Chemical analyses and research in collaboration with the Chemiservice laboratory in Monopoli, Italy.