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Since 2005 The Olive Bureau has worked with and supported companies in the olives-olive oil sector in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, France, Croatia, United States (Oregon and California), Chile, Japan, Australia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Albania, Malta.

Here some examples of our works.

  • Producers of olive oil

    • Noan Olive oil, Greece

      In 2008 we supported the start up of the Noan project for the production of extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality in the Greek peninsula of Pelion, involving and training local producers who, today, provide their organic olives produced following the standards we developed. After the first year of research and testing on the local cultivar, the Amphisa, in 2009 we manufactured the first 5,000 liters. Today, the average annual production is about 11,000 liters. We follow Noan in their agronomic and management choices, in the crushing operations and in the blend. The goal of the project is to increase in amount every year while maintaining the excellence profile. With the proceeds of the sales, Noan extra virgin olive oil supports development projects for the benefit of children in different countries of the world. The oil is nowadays internationally recognized as one of the best in the world.

    • Olisur, Chile

      Since 2008, we have monitored the operations of the mill and the transformation phase. We are also responsible for the blend of more than 12 brands of Olisur, a company with 2 million trees with a current production capacity – which is steadily growing – of almost 3 million liters of high quality extra virgin olive oil. We also handle communication and tasting sessions dedicated to Olisur customers around the world.

    • Fresh Pressed Olive Oil Club, USA

      Since 2011, every year we support the work of research, selection and blending of the 12 best oils in the world in North and Southern hemisphere for the most important club of olive oil lovers in the United States of America.

    • Consortium of Olive Growers Pantelleria, Italy

      In 2006, we started the project of development of olive growing in the island of Pantelleria along with the University of Palermo and in collaboration with Alfa Laval. After restoring abandoned olive groves, we installed a state of the art mill sized to local needs. After recovering the island cultivar, Biancolilla, we studied its characteristics and organoleptic properties, thus producing extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality. The project was completed in 2009.

    • Japan Olive Bureau, Japan

      Consultancy for the development of the olive trees-olive oil sector in different areas of Japan. Since 2011 we have been planting olive trees and supporting farmers in the cultivation of plants and the first productions of extra virgin olive oil. We follow projects in different areas of the country.

    • Specialized Solution, Jordan

      Implementation, in 2013, of a development and modernization plan in the field of oil mills in Jordan on behalf of the Jordanian government.

  • Collaboration with manufacturers of machinery for the extraction of olive oil

  • L'extravergine/Flos Olei Guide:

    • Since 2005 we have been cooperating with Marco Oreggia for the tastings of the most important international guide dedicated to the best extra virgin olive oils in the world. We are also responsible for the section of the Guide dedicated to Japan.